The two major HAB directions

He says the following: Your first decision is what you want to do – photos from the edge of space or ride the Jetstream.


(1) Straight up, burst, down, latest, short flight (hours), very high altitude, video camera, GSM, etc, etc. Get nice 30000m edge of space photos and video. For example and is used very often by other hams.


(2) Very lightweight, cheap, mylar film “floater”, a long flight around the world maybe at 10000m that can go all the way around the world and last for weeks and months. Current hardware is a party balloon, assembled PCB=1.5gm, with battery and solar and antenna maybe 10gm total. This is custom made and not really “commercial” yet.


I have seen photos of both on his website and he has a good relationship with me so I’m sure we can twist some arms. Just remember these are lightweight implementations of his Ultimate 3S beacon kits, of which there are several in the country already. So if you want to decode / play / test / we can help.

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