New project is happening!

Our second HAB project is happening!  We are slowly getting our thoughts in a row,  we have some very ambitious goals but I am sure that we will be successful.

Flight date is set for October 4, coinciding with World Space Week, as well as the launch date anniversary of Sputnik-1 (“спутник-1″) in 1957.

Watch this space for more information in the coming weeks and months.  


  1. The axe110 data logger was tested successfully the past two days. 😀
    We will not issue the rtc on this mission.

    The extra 24lc256 eeprom chip provides space for 4096 readings to be taken. Enough for about 12 hours at 10 second interval.

    The longest flight will last about 6 hours max.

    The schools will be able to use it with ease. 💡

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