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Method for attaching the payloads in a train


The payload frame is cube sat 1U size

Four pieces of very strong string 1,5 mm nylon braid is used through the holes in the payload frame

String length is Min 1.0 m and max 1.5 m

The payload rests on the bottom four key-rings

You may insulate the payload any way you find suitable

Preferred mass is 300g absolute max is 500g

Payloads will be attached in the train in descending weight.

Evander High School

Lectures at Evander High School and one of the learners practicing to assemble the 1U cube frame.

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3 October 2015 Launch BACAR 3

Hallo Team, the FUA was approved by CAMU to launch from Trichardt radio model club runway outside Trichardt.

Please be advised that we need to complete the launch between 04:00Z and 07:00Z.

This is the best news yet.

Kind regards,