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Monitoring a HAB flight: OK1LPD-11

I spent a few hours online today monitoring a HAB flight in Czech Republic.

I ran a flight prediction on, and then compared actual flight path vs predicted flight path by monitoring live APRS info on

A few pictures and screen caps:

Monitoring setup at my tracking station.  Minimal setup/effort today as I was busy with other stuff in the background.20150606110222_


Flight Prediction:prediction updated


Actual Flight Path:flight path


Landing Zone, very close to the predicted landing area. Should be easy to recover!

landing zone 1landing zone 2


Easy balloon fill calculation

Continue to inflate your balloon until it is generating enough lift. To tell how much lift you have, use your launch scale to pull down on the inflation nozzle until there is slack in the inflation hose. Add the weight of the inflation nozzle to the reading on your scale to calculate your Actual Lift. You’ll want to keep inflating your balloon until your actual lift is about one-and-a-half times the weight of your payload. This is your Required Lift.

Actual Lift  =  Reading On Scale  +  Weight of Inflation Nozzle

Required Lift  =  Weight of Payload  x 1.5

Congratulations! You can be confident you haven’t under or over-inflated your balloon. You are now ready to tie off your balloon.