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DrivenUp prediction 20150429

The upper air winds are picking up speed to the north. LZ still close to ALZU N4 petroport North to R104.

The predicted LZ is in flatter area farm land which is nice, bring binoculars.

If I look on Google earth we have at least on water landing, two very close to water and one on the N4 :-(

This is going to be fun and a long drive.




DrivenUp prediction 20150428

DU_20150428a DU_20150428b DU_20150428c

DrivenUp prediction 20150427

The two prediction programs are giving the same LZ :-)

Best place to catch the balloon is due North on the N11 half way between Hendrina and Middelburg.

Bring plenty water and sun tan lotion it is going to be a very nice autumn day in the Highveld. Click the weatherlink below.

DU_20150427a DU_20150427b DU_20150427c Weather_9D_20150427

DrivenUp prediction 20150424


It still remains Alzu N4 Petropoort and Carolina for the teams waiting.

Launch time 7 am

The one that lands close to Carolina has a busrt altitude of 30 000m fixed in prediction

DU_20150423a DU_20150424b DU_20150424c

Drivenup flight predictions

First picture is for a 7 o’çlock launch

Rest is for 6 o’clock launch, somewhere between Corolina and the ALZU petro port will be a good spot to expect the LZ

Weather_9D_20150423 this link contains the 9 day weather forecast for the region, Monday is going to be a nice day.

DU_20150423 DU_20150423b DU_20150423c

Software modem UZ7HO for use with UIView

CheckSR G3RUH-modem10 history lptwdmio sm2ch44 sm2ch45 sm2ch52 sm2ch57 user_guide_v045b_EN user_guide_v045b_FRuser_guide_v045b_FR user_guide_v045b_EN sm2ch57 sm2ch52 sm2ch45 CheckSR G3RUH-modem10 history lptwdmio sm2ch44

BinarySpace – First flight – Video

The guys from Binaryspace created a short flight video.  Great stuff guys!

Global Space Balloon Challenge: BinarySpace – Event Photos, 11 April 2015

Flight Preparations:








Time to launch:





Monitoring the balloon flight path as well as chase team positions:



Balloon burst debris:



The view from up there, over 32km altitude:



Close to the landing spot:



SecundaWeather – Monitoring & Tracking Station: monitoring actual fight path vs forecast flight path, weather and tracker messages.IMG_5154

Raw data ex APRS and LZ

20150411a aprsfi_export_ZS6MDV-3_20150409_060151_20150411_150151

BinarySpace prediction 11 April

The place to be should be Pullens Hope it seems this morning.

One team at least will go directly to the town.

20150410a 20150410b 20150410c