Monthly Archives: January 2014

3d printing service? & payload design ideas

Can anyone recommend a (local) 3d printing service?

I have an idea of 3d printing a subframe for the flight computer and to mount two (or maybe one, depending on the outcome of my tests) servos and a processor for balloon and chute release components.

Other subframes can then be mounted below the main subframe to carry the sensor pack, telemetry, APRS, etc… some sort of modular HAB payload design.

Since the first flight, I have spent a lot of time thinking about optimising and simplifying and incorporating changes from the lessons learned during the first flight.  Something which I would really like to test, is multiple payloads on one balloon, so that at certain altitudes, secondary payloads are released, each with its own chute, and then the primary payload can reach for the skies and hopefully set an altitude record or something.  By using simple subframes this will be quite easy, as you can design identical modular blocks (secondary payload subframes), each with its own customisable internals, all interlocking onto each other and then deploy them on different altitudes.

Well,  I’ll keep on dreaming for a while until reality kicks in…….