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Battery pack testing

Call me! - SecundaWeather:

» Get Skype, call free! Did a battery pack test last night.  The Lipo battery lasted more than 10 hours!  Planning to run another test tonight, this time in the freezer.

I have also been working on small software changes, streamlining the development code.

Cheers and enjoy the weekend!


Some photos of the weekend’s test

Some photos from the weekend’s flight test of the sensor pack.

IMG_2967_ IMG_2960_ IMG_2961_ IMG_2963_ IMG_2964_ IMG_2965_

Sensor pack flight test

We will be doing a sensor pack/telemetry flight test tomorrow from 8:00am onwards.

The sensor pack will be strapped onto a RC glider, transmitting data on 434.650 USB, RTTY, 50 baud 7N2.

Thanx to RC pilot Gert N for helping us!


ZS6SRC BACAR – Sensor Pack Progress

The SD card board (the bottom card in a previous picture post) is blown, I am awaiting a new smaller interface board.   This means that I’ll have to move the watchdog circuit and power regulator to the top proto board.  Figured I don’t really need the RTC board, as i can get time & date from the GPS anyway, so desoldered it.

The LiPo battery is also expected to arrive this week, will do some power measurements later this week and decide whether a second battery is needed.

I also received some RG174 cable and connectors for the payload antenna and base station receiver. This week is full of other planned activities so it all has to wait till next week.