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Working on HAB sensor pack

Working on a HAB sensor pack assembly, after some software testing on a very rough assembly.

Next step is to assemble the tested code bits into one working program.


Welcome to!

Hi, and a warm welcome to!

We aim to make this site a central repository for everything and anything HAB (High Altitude Balloon) related!

Please feel free to contribute your expertise, your knowledge, your opinions, to make this a knowledge base that every HAB enthusiast can use.

This site will consist of two main areas – the BLOG and the FORUM.  We will refine the structure and navigation between the two areas to make everything easy to use.  There is still a lot of customizing to do on this site, please bear with us as we change and adapt the site to best suit the community.

Please visit & post on the Forum, which can be found here:

Once again, WELCOME and join our community of near-space explorers!

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