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Things to listen to…

There are many signals coming from satellites which we can listen to daily. Sites like provide info on which satellites will be overhead and when. With a simple USB receiver (RTL2830 USB stick receivers, available for cheap on the net) and some free software, it is easy to decode much of what is transmitted from space.

Tonight’s schedule:

The simplest DIY Geiger radiation detector ever

Progress… at last

Seems like everything is slowly coming together for our first flight, due in 3 weeks!

The LiPo battery of the sensor pack seems to be perfect – lasts for 9 hours in the freezer.  Temperature in the freezer settled at -26 deg C, which, for testing purposes, I am quite happy with.

The parachute is being contstructed this week and the release mechanism was completed by Christo,  Willie built and programmed the release computer,  and I am doing some last minute changes.

Gert spent time building a VHF & UHF antenna with good success.  I am still thinking about my sensor pack UHF antenna, but it will definitely be a simple design.

So now I have to write a few more lines of code…


Working on HAB sensor pack

Working on a HAB sensor pack assembly, after some software testing on a very rough assembly.

Next step is to assemble the tested code bits into one working program.