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Make a contribution to important science projects

Everyone, yes, you too!, can make a contribution to important global science projects by contributing your unused PC CPU time to solve science problems. You can install BOINC and decide which research projects you want to contribute processing power to!

You can get started here:

Welcome to!

Hi, and a warm welcome to!

We aim to make this site a central repository for everything and anything HAB (High Altitude Balloon) related!

Please feel free to contribute your expertise, your knowledge, your opinions, to make this a knowledge base that every HAB enthusiast can use.

This site will consist of two main areas – the BLOG and the FORUM.  We will refine the structure and navigation between the two areas to make everything easy to use.  There is still a lot of customizing to do on this site, please bear with us as we change and adapt the site to best suit the community.

Please visit & post on the Forum, which can be found here:

Once again, WELCOME and join our community of near-space explorers!

Your Admin.